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Welcome to the Divinty Holistics And Beauty Website


Divinity Holistics and Beauty offer a wide range of beauty and holistic treatments.


Divinity Holistics and Beauty specialise in Organic and Natural products to ensure all our treatments are not harmful to the body in anyway without compromising on the quality.


Please explore our website further to find all the information you need requiring our services. Feel free to contact us if you require any more information.


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Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies have been around for thousands of years and were commonly used in ancient Egypt, China and India for their therapeutic effect. The word Holistic is taken from the Greek word holos meaning whole so when we use the word 'Holistic' we simply mean that we are taking into consideration every part of the person we are working with, modern medicine seeks only to treat a part. There are various different Holistic Therapies all of which are good. In Holistic Therapies the aim is to work with the Mind Body and Spirit or the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects.


  • Zone Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Holistic Facial Massage
  • Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation


Beauty Treatments

Beauty has been an important way for women to feel good for many centuries. Simple adjustments to the way that we look can change how we feel about ourselves. This could be something as simple as a eyebrow wax, or something as self pampering as a luxury pedicure. Whatever it is that we decide to treat ourselves to it give us that feel good factor!

  • Tinting.
  • Waxing
  • Make-Up
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Facials
  • Acrylic Nails
  • Gel Nails
  • Diamond Dermabrasion
  • Microcurrent Facial
  • Galvanic Facial
  • High Frequency